About us

About us

VoIPandGO, the telecom and ICT specialist

ICT Distribution Belgium or short ICTdistri operates under the trade name VoIPandGO for the distribution of telecom and ICT solutions to resellers. ICT Distribution Belgium bv, founded in 2021, is the company behind VoIPandGO and is a relaunch of Multplies bvba that was founded in 1993.

27 years of experience

With more than 27 years of experience, VoIPandGo can rightly call itself a specialist in IP communication. Right from the start, VoIPandGO has focused on pre-sales and technical support for resellers. Since 2021, VoIPandGO has been offering extensive reseller services. For example, a partner can rely on technical people for the physical installation of telecom and ICT equipment such as cabling, furnishing a meeting room, mounting a door phone or security camera. Read more about the White label field services.


Providing the highest quality service