Do you want to provide telephony, VoIP, conference room or security camera hardware and services to your customers?
You don’t have the right people in house for the physical installation such as cabling, furnishing a meeting room, mounting a door phone or security camera?
ICTdistri offers white labeled field services. This way we can support you as a reseller to carry out these activities on your behalf.

White label field services

We can support you in providing the best service to your end users.

Security camera installations

• Installing surveillance cameras
• Structured indoor & outdoor cabling (UTP)


• Delivering/installing professional rack
• Structured indoor & outdoor cabling (Coax, copper, fiber)
• Fiber splicing & fiber termination capabilities
• Point-to-Point connections
• Optical measurement reporting
• On-site configurations and repairs

Doorphone installations

• Structured indoor & outdoor cabling (UTP)
• Doorphone installation

Installing meeting rooms

• Hanging screens
• Installing extra cabling
• The physical installation of the video conferencing system

Video conferencing & smart meeting room solutions

It has become complicated today to know exactly how to set up the design of meeting rooms. ICTdistri helps the reseller to make the right choice. In addition, if desired, ICTdistri can take over the on-site installation on behalf of the reseller. These activities may include:
• hanging screens
• installing extra cabling
• the physical installation of the video conferencing system

Play Video

Desk & huddle space video conferencing solution

Using a video desk phone, a work place or small meeting room can be transformed into a state-of-the-art video conferencing solution. The device can work completely autonomously as a video conferencing system, but can also be adjusted by moving the camera and connecting an external HDMI screen to the device.

Huddle and focus meeting rooms

Huddle or focus rooms are small meeting rooms for consultation. The name comes from “huddle up”: team players who briefly meet during a match to quickly discuss tactics. Huddle or focus rooms are suitable for 2 to 6 people, whether or not connected to people remotely via video conferencing.

Small meeting rooms

Small is the new big.

Small meeting rooms are set up for use of up to 7 users. In a small meeting room a camera with a wide angle lens should be used, best in combination with an all-in one video bar.

Medium meeting rooms

Larger meeting rooms (up to 10 users) need, in addition to a rotatable camera, extra microphones to be able to record the sound properly.

Large meeting rooms

Very large meeting rooms (more than 10 people) require specific equipment to properly capture the image and sound of all participants (premium video quality capturing, long audio capture devices, etc.).